About Kosi


It all started when...

I was seventeen and a junior at Jackie Kennedy Onassis High School in midtown, Manhattan.     I, like many other teenagers, had no idea of what I wanted “to be when I grew up.”   But, I was savvy enough to enroll in Ms. Gulston’s business class. Ms. Gulston was very supportive and encouraging; the kind of teacher who sought to provide hands on learning experiences.  She informed us that she had arranged another opportunity for some members of the class (those that were interested) to spend a day at a public relations firm.  I reluctantly added my name to the list.

On the “Day” I was paired with an account executive from Marina Maher Communications who was working on a Cover Girl account.  She introduced me to the field of marketing.    I watched as she went about her day, reviewing photographs, and text.   At the time I wrote for the school newspaper so I was able to assist her in organizing press kits with updated press releases.  She talked about creativity and about how to assist a business move from one level to the next.    I realized then, how little I knew about the process involved in promoting a brand. But, my interest was peaked and I felt,  this is something I could do and would enjoy doing.  At the end of the day, she mentioned she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), for advertising and marketing communications.  She urged me to apply.

Months later, I did apply to FIT, and I believe that my enthusiasm along with my reference to the “Career Day” experience, was instrumental in my being accepted into the program.  I was on my way!

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